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Meaningful sales insights

Our software pulls data from your email, bypassing your dirty CRM data, to build intelligent, custom recommendations that close more deals.

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Integrates with Gmail

No CRM integration required (seriously)

SaleEdge Intelligence Software

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Old-school sales methods are a grind


Manual data entry into a CRM is a pain and never complete. Big data comes with a big price tag and is difficult to access and interpret. 

Get automated insights from our AI engine to build your own effective process that balances generating pipeline for the future and closing more deals today.


Start every day with deals that matter

Quota Blaster

See how deals are responding to email and understand their odds of closing.

Find the perfect balance of knowing when you need to work existing deals vs. padding your pipeline.

See your deals based on engagement level and the probability of converting. Prioritize your sales activities to add more clients to your company’s roster.

Engagement Tracker

Funnel Mover

View funnel movement and discover a winning course of action plotted out for you.


It Works Where You Work Most

Integrate with your email in 3 simple steps. 

Lifetime Subscriptions

Jump to the head of the waitlist. SalesEdge is offering lifetime subscriptions for a discounted, one-time fee for those on the waitlist who want to get started earlier. And, when you switch jobs (and email), your subscription is transferable. Limited spots available.

Build a better sales system

Everyone should have access to their own sales data to give them an edge. 

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We are in beta and want to find early adopters to help test and improve our earliest versions. Buying a lifetime subscription means you have buy-in to our vision and your active participation will provide invaluable input to the product roadmap.

There's no catch. You gain access to sales software that gets you ahead of the sales cycle. But we do need feedback. We'll be asking for your likes, dislikes. Basically, we want to build a better sales system for people like you.

Your Burning Questions

Absolutely. We protect the privacy and security of all customer data. We do not sell or use your data in any way other than to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations. You can read our full privacy policy.

What's the catch?

Is my data secure?

Why are you offering discounted lifetime subscriptions?

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