Webinar: How Glint Drives Success with Lead Routing & Funnel Metrics

Build a Lead Routing Strategy with Funnel Metrics

In this 30-minute webinar, Glint Chief Marketing Officer Jim Bell explains how FunnelWise and LeanData are essential to his team’s revenue-generation efforts.

Bell is joined by FunnelWise Founder and CEO Matt Ostanik and LeanData Director of Enterprise Solutions Christine Maxey as they explain how combining the power of lead routing and funnel metrics maximizes the value of marketing efforts.

The webinar highlights how:

  • Glint determines how many leads the sales team can handle, decide whether an SDR or AE can provide the best follow-up and then plan out the most appropriate engagement activities.
  • LeanData routing creates the ideal customer experience by ensuring the right leads are connected to the right people in an organization.
  • FunnelWise delivers critical answers for directing lead traffic and evaluating lead routing strategies with revenue funnel metrics.