Case Study: SilkRoad

Getting the Revenue Funnel Headed in the Right Direction

Learn how SilkRoad received the visibility it was missing for its marketing and sales metrics, especially pipeline velocity and conversion rates, by using FunnelWise.

“I am probably the most hands-on marketing person as it pertains to looking at the sales funnel and what marketing can do to help things move through it. My reporting is manual, meaning a lot of pivot tables and a lot of time. I build scorecards for each rep that show how many warm responses they get every month and what’s moving in and out of their pipeline. Needless to say, I was really excited when I heard about FunnelWise.”

– Ann Leach, Director Customer Marketing

About SilkRoad: Chicago-based SilkRoad is a leading global provider of cloud-based, end-to-end talent management solutions. The award-winning SilkRoad Talent Acquisition, Talent Development and HRMS solutions are delivered through a tablet-friendly Talent Portal. The suite is easy to deploy and use – a single platform to rapidly boost employee engagement and business performance.