Cheatsheet: Operationalize the Funnel

Revenue Funnel Science Step 3: Operationalize the Funnel

One of the biggest challenges of managing an effective revenue funnel is getting leaders and teams to work together to align revenue goals. In order to build this bridge and start operationalizing the funnel, it’s pertinent for companies to form a Revenue Leadership Team, which consists of the key leaders in each business area who are responsible for driving revenue. By forming a collective view, the team creates a strong structure that breaks down silos and drives business.

The Operationalize the Funnel Cheatsheet shares how to:

  • Break down funnel barriers between teams
  • Understand marketing, sales, CEO and CFO views
  • Form a strong Revenue Leadership Team
  • Establish three types of meeting cadences
  • Conduct a pace calculation
  • Assess your current state and grow business

Download this cheatsheet to learn how to take the third critical step toward implementing Revenue Funnel Science: Operationalizing the Funnel. Or, did you miss the first steps? Download the Step 1: Build the Foundation Cheatsheet or the Step 2: Connect the Dots Cheatsheet today.