eBook: Introduction to Revenue Funnel Building

Use Salesforce & Pardot to Automate Your Funnel

Building a funnel that optimizes revenue is a challenge for many businesses. Organizations owe it to their futures to be able to understand and measure how their organizations drive revenue. This is done through implementing and operationalizing their sales and marketing funnels.

FunnelWise has partnered with Nuvem Consulting to create an eBook that will help you:

  • Understand the importance of building a funnel
  • Identify and define your funnel stages
  • Build your own blueprint
  • Use Salesforce & Pardot to automate your funnel
  • Leverage the four critical funnel metrics
  • Put your funnel into practice

Download the eBook to learn how to build or further optimize your own revenue funnel in Salesforce and Pardot.

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