Cheatsheet: Connect the Dots

Revenue Funnel Science Step 2: Connect the Dots

Although building the foundation is a critical first step to implementing Revenue Funnel Science within an organization, it’s important to take the second step by connecting the dots. This process needs to be done before marketing, sales and others responsible for revenue within the company can start to operationalize the funnel and optimize revenue.

The Connect the Dots Cheatsheet shares how to:

  • Reverse engineer business goals and effectively set goals by sub funnels
  • Build accurate revenue projections by establishing critical measurements
  • Compare goals with cross-funnel comparisons and what-if scenarios
  • Drive movement with capacity planning and coaching reports
  • Calculate customer acquisition cost (CAC) and lifetime value (LTV)
  • Assess your current state and predict future outcomes

Download the cheatsheet to learn and take the second critical step for implementing Revenue Funnel Science: Connect the Dots. Or, did you miss step one? Download the Build the Foundation Cheatsheet today.

Connect the Dots Cheatsheet