Cheatsheet: Build the Foundation

Revenue Funnel Science Step 1: Build the Foundation

Learn more about the first step to implementing Revenue Funnel Science and its holistic approach to helping businesses measure, forecast and optimize their revenue funnels. A common blueprint must be built and agreed upon for organizations to accurately measure how their revenue funnels are performing. This process needs to be done before marketing, sales and others responsible for revenue within the company can create forward-looking projections.

The Build the Foundation Cheatsheet shares how to:

  • Build and agree upon a common blueprint to make accurate projections
  • Start to measure key foundational metrics and slice and dice your data
  • Understand what the shape of your funnel can tell you
  • Assess your current state and predict future outcomes

Download the cheatsheet to learn how to take the first critical step for implementing Revenue Funnel Science: Build the foundation. Or, download the Step 2: Connect the Dots Cheatsheet to move on to the second critical step.