Yesler Partners with FunnelWise to Deliver B2B Marketing Revenue Analytics

The partnership bolsters the B2B agency’s expertise and sharpens focus on revenue as a critical measure of marketing performance.

Yesler, a full-service B2B marketing agency, announced today that it has partnered with FunnelWise®, a SaaS solution that delivers unique insights into an organization’s revenue-driving activities.

Marketing and sales teams face increased pressure to generate demand and exceed revenue goals; accordingly, their reliance on analytics software to measure and forecast growth is on the rise. The partnership between FunnelWise and Yesler combines best-in-class revenue analytics software with B2B expertise in strategy, martech consulting, and digital marketing to deliver end-to-end revenue analytics solutions and services.

“Our roots in martech and analytics made the decision to partner with FunnelWise a no-brainer,” said David Jones, President of Yesler. “Integrating FunnelWise into our arsenal of services enables us to continue our mission to shift the status quo in B2B marketing toward a focus on real results—revenue, relationships, and return on investment.”

FunnelWise integrates with marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to provide complete visibility into marketing and sales data and to determine the right actions to achieve resultsallowing B2B companies to measure and forecast the marketing and sales activities that improve sales velocity and drive revenue. The partnership with Yesler provides companies with a strategic service partner to support the FunnelWise implementation, including diagnosing and triaging operational inefficiencies between sales and marketing and developing the strategies that promote revenue maturity.

“The market is changing. More and more, the success of marketing is being measured by pipeline and revenue results instead of awareness and demand. The most successful marketers are embracing this change and realize that they not only need better visibility into the entire revenue funnel, they also need to understand the story the data is telling and the strategies to implement to ensure growth. The partnership between Yesler and FunnelWise provides our clients with the advantages needed to succeed and grow faster than the competition,” said Matt Ostanik, CEO of FunnelWise.

About Yesler

Yesler is a B2B marketing agency that blends strategy, creativity, and technology to build demand, engage customers, and grow revenue. Yesler employs more than 200 people from offices and remote locations around the world, including Philadelphia, Portland, and its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. For more information, please visit

About FunnelWise

The FunnelWise® solution helps companies get more revenue out of their marketing and sales funnels. We are unique in our ability to connect data to actions that significantly grow revenue results. Through integrations with CRMs and marketing automation platforms, FunnelWise goes beyond traditional visibility and provides customers with the ability to create data-designed playbooks—using proven actions to help businesses maximize their overall funnel effectiveness. For more information, visit