New Book Explores Revenue Funnel Science, An Emerging & Critical Discipline for any Organization

Sales and marketing leaders will learn to optimize revenue growth with this framework

Des Moines, IA – June 8, 2016 – Founder and CEO of FunnelWise, Matt Ostanik, today announced the release of his digital book, “The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Funnel Science: How to Optimize Your Sales and Marketing Funnel.” The free book  explores the strategic importance of Revenue Funnel Science and the factors that have contributed to making it a vital discipline for today’s businesses.

Ostanik is no stranger to the struggles that sales and marketing teams have as they attempt to drive revenue, but are stuck in their traditional, silo-focused ways of looking at how their respective teams are performing.

“My goal is to change this. While there are huge opportunities for companies that utilize Revenue Funnel Science, in today’s environment most companies don’t yet understand it,” says Ostanik. “Revenue Funnel Science paints the bigger picture, so each area of the organization can fully understand how they contribute to, and drive revenue.”

The Ultimate Guide to Revenue Funnel Science provides step-by step-insight and advice on how to bring the methodology into the organizational fold.  Fundamentally focused on the future, Revenue Funnel Science provides the opportunity to see where the organization is headed tomorrow, next month, next quarter, and next year – and what improvements can be made today to boost those projections.

The book was written for any organization that is ready to harness the powerful insight their data provides. Readers will also learn how Revenue Funnel Science will enable them to:

  • Be more strategic
  • Gain visibility into the future
  • Engage all areas of the business
  • Drive revenue

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