FunnelWise Integrates with Marketo to Provide Full Funnel Visibility

Powerful insight enables marketers to optimize activities across the entire sales and marketing funnel

FunnelWise enables marketing and sales professionals to gain real-time visibility into their organization’s revenue funnels. Today the company announced its software is fully integrated with Marketo, the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions.

The integration enables marketers to look at their Marketo data in new and exciting ways, including slicing and dicing marketing funnels, tracking pipeline and revenue by lead source, and monitoring the influence of marketing activities at each stage of the revenue funnel.

“We are thrilled to announce our end-to-end integration with Marketo. Now, high-performing marketers can pull data from their Marketo and CRM tool together into a single, unified funnel view using FunnelWise,” said Matt Ostanik, Founder and CEO of FunnelWise. “This complete visibility allows our customers to measure, forecast, and optimize their organization’s entire marketing and sales funnel from top to bottom.”

The end-to-end integration is now published on Marketo LaunchPoint®, the largest and most complete ecosystem of best-of-breed marketing solutions.

“We are excited to have FunnelWise integrate with Marketo and be part of our LaunchPoint partner ecosystem,” said Lou Pelosi, Senior Director of LaunchPoint for Marketo. “FunnelWise’s analytics solution bolsters our customers’ ability to innovate, grow and deliver impactful results.”

The FunnelWise and Marketo integration gives marketers extraordinary new views and insights such as these:

  • Build custom revenue funnels based on unique fields, objects, and data points, then segment the data into sub funnels based on specified business criteria
  • Identify the conversion, volume and velocity through funnels to know when and where to align resources
  • Leverage historical information to calculate overall funnel momentum and generate baseline forecasts of where revenue is headed for more accurate goal setting and revenue forecasting
  • Conduct cross-funnel analysis to prioritize adjustments needed to increase revenue
  • Set and monitor goals for each funnel stage across multiple time periods, lead sources, campaigns, and sales reps/teams with an interactive goal planning tool that shows what is needed at each stage to meet revenue goals
  • Expert insight and recommendations and a detailed reporting packet during monthly executive funnel review sessions

To learn more, visit FunnelWise’s LaunchPoint page:

About FunnelWise

FunnelWise integrates with marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide real-time visibility of an organization’s revenue velocity, goal tracking and forecasting. The combination of powerful revenue predictability software and best-in-class expertise helps companies achieve their revenue goals and make improvements month-over-month. For more information, visit

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