Catalyst Sale and FunnelWise Announce Partnership

Des Moines, IA and Scottsdale, AZ, May 15, 2017Catalyst Sale, an organization that helps business executives and sales leaders build and scale capability and capacity within sales teams, announces its partnership with FunnelWise today that delivers unique insights into an organization’s revenue-driving activities.

B2B sales cycles are becoming longer and more complex. The resulting increase in data has led to a costly disconnect between marketing and sales and company leadership. Together, Catalyst Sale and FunnelWise cut through the clutter to connect the dots and deliver high-value information quickly. This unprecedented ability to define and track forward-thinking metrics helps businesses break down operational silos and paves the way for future revenue growth.

Catalyst Sale builds sales capability and capacity within organizations looking to make the leap from $10 to 30 million, $30 to 100 million and $100 to 300 million. Their experience and methodology reduces false starts and the need to hit the “reset” button. This allows their clients to get the insights from industry veterans before making expensive mistakes.

“The FunnelWise solution would have saved me countless hours of manual pipeline analysis when I was a Vice President of Global Sales. Now that we build sales teams, and often fill the role of Chief Revenue Officer for early stage companies, FunnelWise is a key component of our sales stack,” said Mike Conner, CoFounder of Catalyst Sale.

“We’re excited about the partnership with FunnelWise. Incorporating the Catalyst Sale process into the FunnelWise platform will help our clients leverage data to make real-time adjustments at multiple points in the process,” said Mike Simmons, CoFounder of Catalyst Sale. “Rather than spending time customizing reports out of Salesforce or Hubspot, they can focus attention on generating revenue.”

“The pressure on marketing, sales and other business leaders to achieve and exceed revenue goals grows every day. It’s not enough to just have data visualization — the market demands results. The partnership between Catalyst Sale and FunnelWise will allow customers to easily identify and close gaps in their sales process, along with improving consistency throughout the marketing and sales teams. This will drive greater revenue results in a shorter time,” said Steve Will, Vice President of Partners at FunnelWise.


In every business and every opportunity, there is someone who can help you navigate the internal challenges and close the deal. There is a Catalyst. At Catalyst Sale, they integrate process (Catalyst Sale Process), technology and people, with the purpose of accelerating revenue. Their thoughtful approach minimizes false starts that are common in emerging markets and high growth environments, and they continue to evolve based on customer need and emerging technology. Catalyst Sale cares about a thinking process that enables results, versus a process that tells people what to do — sales is a thinking process. For more information, visit


FunnelWise integrates with marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide complete visibility into an organization’s revenue funnel. This visibility allows businesses to clearly measure the impact of each marketing and sales activity, uncover trends, answer forward-looking questions and make data-backed decisions that drive revenue. The combination of powerful revenue diagnostic software and best-in-class expertise helps companies achieve their revenue goals and make improvements month-over-month. For more information, visit