Bell Rock Consulting and FunnelWise Announce Partnership


San Francisco, CA and Des Moines, IA, June 13, 2017Bell Rock Consulting, an organization that helps business leaders and innovative companies accelerate revenue growth with a combination of proven methodologies, deep experience and analytical rigor, announced its partnership with FunnelWise today, a business solution that delivers unique insights into an organization’s revenue-driving activities.

There has been an explosive growth in technology and data, so now more than ever, marketing, sales and anyone accountable for revenue needs to work together to drive demand and achieve revenue results. Best-in-class organizations have a cohesive strategy for understanding and taking action on the story the data is telling. By combining the Growth Engineering Framework from Bell Rock Consulting with the powerful funnel diagnostic software from FunnelWise, companies can optimize performance and ultimately grow revenue faster.

“FunnelWise is a perfect partner for Bell Rock Consulting, as their software is specifically designed to enable full-funnel revenue optimization that connects marketing and sales organizations. In particular, segmented data that precisely describes the velocity of leads, pipeline and closed-won business integrates seamlessly with our models, metrics, processes and data architecture,” stated Troy Wendt, Principal and Founder at Bell Rock Consulting.

“The synergies between Bell Rock Consulting and FunnelWise stood out immediately. FunnelWise provides holistic and unmatched visualization of the entire revenue funnel, so by combining powerful technology with the proven experience of Bell Rock Consulting, clients can strategically maneuver toward greater revenue results,” said Steve Will, Vice President of Partners at FunnelWise.


Bell Rock Consulting helps companies build predictable revenue growth by utilizing the Growth Engineering Framework™, a methodology that connects and aligns functional organizations including product, marketing and sales to enable data-driven optimization. Deliverables include a forward-looking growth model, key metrics, process design and a growth dataset tailored to a company’s unique product, target customers and revenue growth opportunity. Strategic leadership, the right data for decisions, rapid experimentation and revenue reverse-engineering results in predictable revenue growth. For more information, visit


FunnelWise integrates with marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software to provide complete visibility into an organization’s revenue funnel. This visibility allows businesses to clearly measure the impact of each marketing and sales activity, uncover trends, answer forward-looking questions and make data-backed decisions that drive revenue. The combination of powerful revenue diagnostic software and best-in-class expertise allows companies to achieve their revenue goals and make improvements month-over-month. For more information, visit