Move beyond traditional funnel visibility and maximize your revenue results. FunnelWise optimization services use external benchmarking and current funnel performance analyses to create a revenue generating framework for our clients.  

Initial Review

Our team of experts conduct an initial review of the entire revenue funnel to prioritize optimization in the top or the bottom funnel stages. Using marketing and sales benchmarking data and research, we help clients focus their efforts based on largest revenue-impacting changes.

Initial Review
Analyze Funnel

Analyze the Funnel

Through a deep dive analysis, our team finds where revenue opportunity is being left in the funnel.

Marketing Optimization

Top-of-funnel analysis uses two benchmarks to help clients increase impact on closed-won revenue while maximizing marketing’s investment.

  1. Compare performance in handoff from marketing to sales to create the right process for qualification management and sales follow-up.
  2. Contrast marketing qualified lead (MQL) win rates to non-MQL ones to maximize marketing’s investment.

Sales Optimization

Bottom-of-funnel analysis looks at the variance in sales win rates and process inconsistencies to identify changes that drive revenue.

  1. Review of non-linear movement in the funnel to pinpoint sales process inconsistencies to determine the right sales process that generates more closed-won deals.
  2. Analyze win rate variance across sales reps, products and regions to uncover the root cause for performance discrepancies.

Recommend & Implement

Data-driven recommendations along with implementation tools help your team make strategic decisions with predictable outcomes.

  • Results are shared to prioritize which improvements provide the largest return.
  • Playbooks are created with concrete actions for proposed changes.
  • Custom views in FunnelWise allow for monitoring of performance and to verify improvement results.
  • Email notifications send stakeholders alerts for required funnel management to ensure the playbook is followed.

Review & Iterate

Monitoring is handled by our experts to provide the “check and adjust” iteration process, as we work with you to verify optimization results.

  • Continue to review data and processes on a monthly basis using Agile methodology.
  • Track results and make iterative suggestions as needed.
  • Understand bandwidth and where resources are needed to execute the playbook.


When the time arrives, you receive the tools to conduct the optimization process on your own.

  • Training allows for your team to successfully champion the ongoing review and iteration process.
  • Comprehensive documentation is provided for future staff training and onboarding.