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I Crashed the Sales Assembly Summit 2018 and It Blew My Mind

Chicago Sales Assembly Event

If you haven’t heard about it, the inaugural Sales Assembly Summit 2018 gathered an elite crowd of some of Chicago’s most influential sales professionals. The attendees are the very best in the Midwest when it comes to all things sales. So what was I, a finance person (gasp!), doing there? I guess if you look […]

It’s more than a gut check: Overcoming the follies of sales forecasting

Overcoming the follies of sales forecasting

Every business leader has paid the price for the follies of sales forecasting. That price is paid when services are scaled back, products are eliminated, budgets are scrutinized or, much worse, positions are eliminated. According to Concentric’s State of Forecasting Report, 90% of companies said sales forecasting was important to business success, yet only 13% were […]

4 Ways Marketing and Sales Teams Can Hit Their Revenue Targets

Hit & Exceed Revenue Targets

It’s a new year and that means the reset button for “revenue planning” has been hit by many sales and marketing teams. If you’re in that camp, I have two questions for you: 1. Do your goals for 2018 make you feel like a passenger getting ready to board a plane that will slowly elevate […]

The Importance of Data-Driven Service Level Agreements

Data-Driven Service Level Agreements

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the professional world knows that holding teams and individuals accountable is key in company success. While it’d be convenient to believe that all of the departments in all of our companies are self-motivated and interested only in the success of the organization, we know better. We […]

Why Does Sales Need Marketing?

Why Sales Needs Marketing

For anyone who has spent any time alongside a sales team, it is not uncommon to hear some gripes about the marketing folks across the hall. “All they do is spend money. We’re the ones out chasing leads!” To some salespeople, marketing is just a waste of company resources, because “any good salesperson can sell […]