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Why is data-driven marketing so hard and what the heck does it mean?


By now, we are all familiar with the Gartner prediction that CMOs would have a larger IT budget than CIOs by the end of 2017. It’s too soon to tell whether that prediction was accurate in absolute terms, but regardless of the outcome, Gartner was prophetic in its premise that incredible advancements in marketing technology […]

Knowing the Pace of Business

Knowing the Pace of Business

How many company retrospective meetings have you been to, where the sales team is alarmingly below their revenue goal for the quarter, but the sales manager tells everyone not to worry. “We have a few big deals in the pipeline that we’re working now, and they will probably close before the end of Q4,” he […]

Why Marketing Cannot Only Be Measured on MQLs

Marketing & Sales Sharing Risk & Rewards

How many times have you been in this meeting? The marketing team has delivered their goal number of MQLs, but sales has not come close to hitting their quota. Then, the finger-pointing and the blame game begins. “We wouldn’t be below quota if the sales team could close these leads,” shouts the CMO. “We wouldn’t […]

Paper Funnels vs. a Blueprint

Paper Funnel vs. Funnel Blueprint

Some people think aloud. Others need to write their thoughts down. When it comes to your revenue funnel, neither suffice. The world needs all types. We need ideas from visionary thought leaders, we need strategic thinkers to plan, but at some point, execution needs to happen. No more talking. No more writing. Implementation and execution […]