FunnelWise® provides marketing and sales analytics and attribution software. Our clients make their data actionable by creating data-driven playbooks of specific marketing and sales actions that correlate with better conversion rates and velocity.

Our Story

Since FunnelWise launched in early 2014, we have created a single source of truth for sales and marketing to rely on for revenue funnel metrics, allowing businesses to determine future outcomes, set attainable goals and predict revenue. But it’s our discipline, Revenue Funnel Science, and our dedicated team of experts who have established FunnelWise as the industry leader in full-funnel intelligence.

Why We Exist

FunnelWise founder and CEO, Matt Ostanik, recognized a significant problem while leading his previous SaaS company. Focused on trying to produce the information needed to drive daily decision-making and build long-term strategies backed by data, he invested a great deal of time into manually creating reports to better evaluate the performance of the organization’s marketing and sales effort. The growing frustration with the inability to automatically produce these reports and obtain the actionable business insights needed to grow future revenue led Ostanik to the early idea for FunnelWise.

To ensure he designed a solution that would truly alleviate reporting challenges and help companies make data-driven decisions and predict revenue, Ostanik and a small team spent an entire year on their “100Insights” initiative, which involved conducting extensive market research and collecting feedback from over 150 sales and marketing leaders. The results of their research was clear: Other leaders were experiencing the same problem and the biggest pain point was creating a cohesive view of the revenue funnel and linking marketing and sales performance to revenue.

After FunnelWise launched, Ostanik and the team realized that in addition to a software platform, their clients also desired guidance on how to leverage their data and insights. This feedback led Ostanik to establish the Revenue Funnel Science discipline and create the framework for businesses to fully optimize their revenue funnels.

Today, our customers benefit from having a best-in-class approach to guide them in understanding their entire revenue funnel. Their investment in FunnelWise is maximized because it is accompanied by a team of experts who help them achieve full-funnel intelligence.